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The Colonel Sherod Hunter Camp 1525 sponsors a Wargaming Club.  What is "wargaming,"

 you ask?  Wargaming is a hobby wherein people interested in military history play

 simulations, or games, of various periods of military history.  The Camp 1525 Wargame Club,

 being primarily composed of members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, focuses on

 simulating battles and campaigns of the War between the States.


Why would anyone want to do this?  Players gain a greater understanding of military 

strategy and tactics through these games, and they are a lot of fun, too! 


Games most commonly take two forms...



Board games can be either tactical or strategic in focus, and, depending on the game, 

can be played by two or more people. 




  Table-top battle recreations (an example of which is shown being played by some of our

 members in the photo above) are fought on a table top, rather than a game board, and

 use simulated model terrain and model soldiers (also called military miniatures) instead of the

 cardboard counters and maps used in board games.  These games are always tactical in focus,

 and can be played by several people, each commanding a Brigade or Division. 


The Colonel Sherod Hunter Camp 1525 normally holds several games per year, 

although they are not held monthly.  All S.C.V. members are invited to attend and 

participate.  Additionally, if you are not a S.C.V. member and would like to get involved,

by all means, contact us for information about joining the Club. 



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The music file of STONEWALL JACKSON'S WAY  was composed and is copyrighted by Benjamin Tubb.  For more great tunes like this one, visit his website, The Music of the American Civil War (1861-1865).

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