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Greenwood Memory Lawn Cemetery, Phoenix, Arizona

In April 1998 the seventh annual Confederate Memorial Day ceremony at Greenwood Memory Lawn Cemetery was hosted by the Colonel Sherod Hunter Camp 1525.  That year the ceremony was very well attended by about 40 people, and a full complement of reenactors from the Arizona Civil War Council was present to render honours to the Confederate dead.  



Shown is Commander Robert Perkins, who is listening to "Taps" being played.  The colour guard is in the background, getting ready to dip colours in honour of the dead.  Also shown, preparing his gun for the cannon salute at the end of the ceremony, is George Duckworth of the Arizona Civil War Council. 



Lieutenant Richard Harper of the 5th Texas Infantry gives the command to the firing party, composed of members of the 5th Texas and the 1st U.S. Infantry, Arizona Civil War Council. 



The Arizona Civil War Council musket party fires the first volley of the traditional 21-gun salute to the Confederate dead. 



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