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Greenwood Memory Lawn Cemetery, Phoenix, Arizona

On April 26, 2003 the Colonel Sherod Hunter Camp 1525 held its eleventh annual Confederate Memorial Day ceremony at Greenwood Memory Lawn cemetery in Phoenix, Arizona.  This year about 30 people attended the ceremony, representing not only our Camp, but also the Captain Granville H. Oury Camp 1708 and Confederate Secret Service Camp 1710, Sons of Confederate Veterans; the Arizona Division, United Daughters of the Confederacy; Camp Picacho Peak, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War; and the Arizona Civil War Council.  



As usual, the Arizona Civil War Council provided an Honour Guard in both Confederate and Union garb for our ceremony.  The Colonel Sherod Hunter Camp 1525 is very grateful to the fine gents of the A.C.W.C. for their support of our Confederate Memorial Day activities over the years.  They always do a splendid job, and we are very lucky to be associated with them!.  Several S.C.V. members were included, such as Commander Ron Rox and Adjutant Larry Hammack of the Captain Granville H. Oury Camp 1708 (Scottsdale) and, from Camp 1525, Past Commander Robert Perkins and Adjutant Larry Billar. 



Three new members were sworn into our Camp as part of the ceremony.  They are...left to right...Samuel A. Perkins (whose birthday is, appropriately enough for a young Rebel, on April 26); William V. Cohea; and John F. Crossen.  The Colonel Sherod Hunter Camp 1525 is proud to welcome these men into our ranks. 



Shown are the new members (on the left) being sworn into the S.C.V. by Commander Tom Tatum (reading at right) of Camp 1525.  Also assisting in the ceremony were Past Arizona Division Commander Curt Tipton and Camp 1525 Chaplain Steve Johnson. 



Some of the members of Camp 1525 attending the ceremony are shown above...left to right...newly sworn in Compatriots Sam Perkins and Bill Cohea, as well as Past Commander Robert Perkins and current Commander Tom Tatum.  Also attending, but not pictured (we tried to round everybody up but were not successful)  were Camp Chaplain Steven Johnson, Past Chaplain Robert Baxter, and newly sworn in member John Crossen.



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