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The following awards have been presented to the Colonel Sherod Hunter Camp 1525 in recognition of the quality of our website.  We are very honored to have received these awards, and to the various organizations and individuals who have seen fit to recognize our efforts, we say, in traditional Southern parlance...


"Aw, shucks!  Thank y'all!  Much obliged!"



2000 Winner of the 

Civil War in Miniature

Historic Site Award

Presented 6/23/2000


"Please accept, the 2000, "Civil War in Miniature" Historic Site Award.  Your site is being awarded

 because of its excellence, unique format, historical significance and because of its contribution to

 students, educators and interested parties of the great American Civil War... Congratulations on your

 hard work and diligence. The Internet is a better place because of your contribution! The intention of

 the Internet was to spread knowledge and be an information highway, therefore, your contribution is

 vital to everyone!"--Roger Curry, THE CIVIL WAR IN MINIATURE



Civil War Site Of Excellence Award

Presented 6/24/2000


"I recently visited your site and definitely believe it deserves recognition.  I enjoyed the great graphics

 and the wonderful information provided at your site.  You should be very proud of your accomplishments

 and keep up the wonderful work.  I am proud to present you, The Colonel Sherod Hunter Camp 1525

  S.C.V., with the Civil War Site Of Excellence Award."--Josh Blair


Confederate Site of America

Outstanding Site Award

Presented 6/25/2000


"I just received your submission for the Outstanding Site Award today. In light of the outstanding work

 you have done researching this all too neglected subject, it did not take long at all to decide that your

 site is certainly deserving of it."--Allan Williams, THE CONFEDERATE SITE OF AMERICA


Jackson Light Artillery

Nice Site Award

Presented 6/25/2000


  "I have reviewed your site and found that it is indeed a Nice Site.  The Colonel Sherod Hunter Camp

 1525 more than qualifies for the Jackson Light Artillery "Nice Site Award" so congratulations on

 winning this award."--Greg Booth, JACKSON LIGHT ARTILLERY



South Art Award of Excellence

Presented 6/26/2000


     "Y'all's Site is most informative, educational, designed extremely well. We could go on and on but we

 will just say ONE OF THE BEST CONFEDERATE SITES ON THE WEB. And most deserving of the

 South Art award.  Keep up the good work!"--South Art



PoPcoRn's Civil War

I Dig-it Award

Presented 6/28/2000


"I am pleased to award your site "PoP's I-Dig-It' Award".  Your  devotion is evident in your work, many

 will learn from your well done site. This is what PoP's Award is all about."--Tommy "PoP" Aaron,

 PoPcoRn's Civil War



18th Virginia Cavalry

Cavalry Award of Excellence

Presented 7/1/2000


"In recognition of a superb and outstanding site, it is my honor to award you the Cavalry Award of

 Excellence Site Award. Your site is a real credit to your devotion, hard work and love for the history and

 heritage of Company A, Baylor's Regiment of Arizona Rangers and all the other information you have

 on Arizona in the War. Please except the award with my gratitude for a job well done. It is a real

 pleasure to have a site that is from the Western theater of the War."--James Stump, 18th VIRGINIA




General Lee's Headquarters

Lee's Legion of Legends Award

Presented 7/4/2000


"I recently visited your site and enjoyed what I saw. Congratulations on a great page!

 CONGRATULATIONS...Your site has been awarded the Lee's Legion Of Legends Award."--Peter




Heritage Plantation

Award of Excellence

Presented 17 July 2000


"It is my pleasure to award  you the Heritage Plantation Award of Excellence.  I have thoroughly

 enjoyed  your wonderful site.  It would be my honor to have this award appear on your site." Joe Davis,




Civil War Interactive 

3-Star Award

Presented 8 September 2000

"We're pleased to inform you that your site did score higher than 3-stars (out of five), and has been

 posted in Civil War Interactive's LinkCentral.  Congratulations on a fine site!"  Joe Avalon, Editor,




U.S.A. Civil War

Site Award of Excellence

Presented 25 August 2002


"It was a pleasure visiting your site, especially a site such as yours that describes the history of the brave

 soldiers who fought and served in Western Battle Theaters. Keep up the great work!"--Keith Glenn,

 Webmaster, USA Civil War



PoBoys Civil War 

5-Star Award

Presented 27 August 2002


"On behalf of the men of the 7th Mississippi infantry regiment and their descendants please accept our 5

 Star Award. Thanks in advance for accepting. I greatly enjoyed my visit and will add you to the winners

 list immediately. Wishing you all the best in your efforts to honor our heritage"--Jamie Roberts,

 PoBoy's Civil War.



Grimes Artillery Battery, CSA, 

Southern Patriot Award of Excellence

Presented 28 August 2002


"I must say you have really created a true testament to the South. I have enjoyed reviewing your pages

 and loved the graphics and info provided." T.H.Hendrickson, Grimes Battery,  C.S.A.

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The music file of "All Quiet on the Potomac Tonight" was composed and is copyrighted by Barry Taylor.

 Great, a'int it?  For more great tunes like this one, visit THE CONTEMPLATOR'S FOLK MUSIC




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 Arizona.  All rights reserved.  Last updated on 6 August 2007.