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The fearful struggle’s ended now, and peace smiles on our land

And tho we’ve yielded, we have proved ourselves a faithful band.

We fought them long, we fought them well, we fought them night and day

And bravely struggled for our rights while wearin’ of the Gray!


And now that we have ceased to fight and pledged our sacred word

That we against the Union’s might no more will draw the sword

We feel despite the sneers of those who never smelled the fray

That we’ve a manly honest right to wearin’ of the Gray.


Our Cause is lost, no more we fight ‘gainst overwhelmin’ power.

All wearied are our limbs and drenched with many a battle shower.

We feign would rest for want of strength and yield them up the day

And lower the flag so proudly borne while wearin’ of the Gray.


Defeat is not dishonor; No, of honor not bereft.

We should thank God that in our breast this priceless boon is left.

And tho we weep just for those braves who stood in proud array

Beneath our flag and nobly died while wearin’ of the Gray.


When in the ranks of war we stood and faced the deadly hail

Our simple suits of Gray composed our only coats of mail.

And on those awful hours that marked the bloody battle day

In memory we will still be seen a wearin’ of the Gray.


O, should we reach that glorious place where waits the sparklin’ crown

For everyone who for the right his soldier’s life lay down,

God grant to us the privilege upon that happy day

Of clasping hands with those who fell a wearin’ of the Gray.


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The music file of "The Wearin' of the Gray" was composed and is copyrighted by Barry Taylor.  Great, a'int it?  For more great midi files like this one, visit The Contemplator's Folk Music Site.








Copyright 2000 by the Colonel Sherod Hunter Camp 1525, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Phoenix, Arizona. All rights reserved. Last updated on 8 October 2002.